16 February 2022

Dear Valued Clients,

We refer to the announcement made on 21 March 2017. Kindly note that companies need to update their e-SSM in the ESD system on a yearly basis. If there is a change in the information (Address/ Director/ Shareholder), companies must update the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) before purchasing the e-SSM from e-Info in the ESD system.

A. Companies must also upload the latest documents in the ESD system, as below:
  1. Latest Audited Financial Report
  2. Latest Local Authorities License
  3. Latest Business-related Licenses
B. Please follow the steps below to upload the documents.
  1. Login to the ESD system
  2. Click 'Company' (available at the top menu bar)
  3. Click 'Supporting Documents' and click 'upload' (PDF only, max 10MB file size)
Please note that the above measures are to ensure all decisions made to evaluate the expatriate applications are based on the latest company information. This is also to prevent any delay in processing the application that has been submitted.

If you have queries, please contact us at +603-7839 7171 or email helpdesk@myxpats.com.my

Thank you.

MYXpats Centre