• Deputy Prime Minister Opens MYXpats Centre

    01 September 2015

    YAB Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Minister of Home Affairs, Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, officially opened the new Malaysia Expatriate Talent Service Centre (MYXpats Centre) this afternoon. ...

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  • Immigration Department, Talentcorp Open MYXpats Centre

    30 June 2015

    The Immigration Department of Malaysia and Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) have announced that the new Malaysia Expatriate Talent Service Centre (MYXpats Centre) will open effective 1 July 2015. ...

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  • MYXpats Centre Will Commence Operation in June 2015

    08 May 2015

    Run by TalentCorp and the Immigration Department of Malaysia and overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs, MYXpats Centre is the planned enhancement of immigration services outlined by the Prime Minister of Malaysia and started by the launch of the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) last year. ...

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  • Pemakluman Mengenai Tempoh Moratorium Bagi Urusan Pas Penggajian Eskpatriat di Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

    12th February 2015

    Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) sedang menambah baik Sistem Khidmat Ekspatriat (ESD) bagi urusan pas penggajian ekspatriat di negara ini. Oleh itu satu tempoh moratorium atau penangguhan sementara daripada sebarang tindakan disebabkan overstay akan diberikan kepada ekspatriat terbabit, berkuat kuasa mulai 10 Februari hingga 31 Mei 2015.

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  • Expatriate Services Division (ESD), Immigration Department of Malaysia

    11th February 2015

    Roll Out session will be carried out as per below;

    i. Monday to Thursday – 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

    ii. Friday – 8.00 am to 12.15 pm and 2.45 pm to 5.00 pm.

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Under the Client Charter, it will take 5 working days to process submissions.

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