01 January 2015

Since the announcement of the Malaysia Expatriate Talent Service Centre (MYXpats Centre) was made on 9 May 2015, MYXpats Centre has received a significant amount of enquiries about the centre from employers as well as agents acting on their behalf.

These enquiries range from questions about the role and functions of MYXpats Centre to the status of Employment Pass, Dependant Pass and other related pass applications.

While we welcome all enquiries, MYXpats Centre would like to emphasise that its officers can only respond to enquiries pertaining to the status of expatriate applications as well as the status of rejection cases only when such queries have been submitted by those persons authorised by the Company Director as stated in the Letter of Undertaking (LoU).

The LoU is the document that states the name of the designated Company Director who acknowledges the responsibility of all expatriate related transactions by his/her company. The LoU also states the names of all persons authorised to deal with MYXpats Centre on all expatriate pass matters.

The LoU is signed by the designated Company Director in the presence of an officer from the Immigration Department of Malaysia and is an integral part of company registration with the Expatriate Services Division (ESD).

The signed LoU serves to safeguard the sensitivity of all company information that has been submitted to the ESD and MYXpats Centre during the company registration and expatriate pass application process. The LoU also serves to protect the privacy of all communications, either verbal or electronic, between the authorised company representatives and MYXpats Centre.

The LoU prevents MYXpats Centre officers from sharing any application-related information with non-authorised persons.

MYXpats Centre's policy to communicate only with authorised company representatives has been taken to serve the best interests and needs of ESD registered companies.

Information about the LoU is available in the ESD Online Guidebook which can be downloaded from

For more information about MYXpats Centre, visit our website at or email us at Should you wish to speak directly with a MYXpats Centre officer, please call us at 03 - 8892 3939.


If my company submits a projection for 20 expatriates, does this mean that MYXpats Centre will approve all 20 expatriate permits at once?

No, all expatriate Employment Pass applications will be assessed on an individual basis, based on the merits of each application submitted.

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