Update SSM e-info In ESD System

21 March 2017

Please be informed that the SSM e-info details update function is now available through the ESD system.

Starting 1st August 2017, companies need to update their SSM e-info yearly. Companies also need to update the SSM e-info when there are any changes to the information, such as, change of address, financial details, directors, shareholders etc. This is to ensure that all decisions made to evaluate the expatriate applications are based on the latest company information.

For a detailed guide on this, please download the user manual here.


What are the type of services offered at the ESD?

The ESD offers registration services for companies who wish to employ eligible expatriates. In addition, ESD also facilitates expatriate related passes for Embassy and any temporary manual applications. All companies will need to register with the ESD as a first step.

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