Employment For Dependant Pass Holder

01 February 2018

Please be informed that Dependant Pass (DP) holder who wish to work will need to apply for an Employment Pass (EP) through the company via Expatriate Services Division (ESD) online system.

A Dependant Pass (DP) holder who wish to accept the offer under Employment Pass (EP) must surrender/shorten his/her Dependant Pass (DP). The regulation states that a person is eligible to hold only one (1) pass at a time.

Companies that wish to hire expatriates must be registered in the ESD Online System. If you are yet to register, the process for company registration is 14 working days upon complete submission.

Once your company is registered, you may proceed for submission of your expatriate application which will take five (5) working days upon submission of complete documents through the system.

During the submission stage, companies must comply with all documentations and requirements set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

For more information on Dependant Pass (DP) or any other passes related to it, please refer to ESD Guidebook V3.1 2017 or you may contact MYXpats Centre at +603-7839 7171 / email: helpdesk@myxpats.com.my


How long will it take for my company's new position request submission to be processed?

Under the Client Charter, it will take 5 working days to process submissions.

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